Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Vice Principal Chinese Programs
Immediate Supervisor: Head of SchoolPosition Description:• To be a member of the Senior Academic Team serving the...

Immediate Supervisor: Head of School

Position Description:

• To be a member of the Senior Academic Team serving the academic and development
needs of the school.
• To represent the Chinese Early Years and Elementary Divisions to the school community.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• To represent and uphold the school’s mission statement and code of conduct.
• To coordinate the implementation of this vision for the Chinese Early Years Program (EC)
and the Dual Language Programs.
• To oversee the school’s Chinese curriculum (Intensive Chinese and Culture) delivery of the
Montessori pedagogy in the Early Years Program (EC), Elementary School and Chinese
courses for Middle School.
• To model the essential Montessori principles and inspire the staff to create and provide
stimulating and enthusiastic Montessori learning environments.
• To facilitate the daily mechanics and scheduling of the school day, specialty classes, and
yearly events for the Early Years Program (EC) and Elementary Program (Intensive Chinese
and Chinese Culture).
• To coordinate needed coverage due to absences, training, and requested time off for the
Chinese Early Years Program (EC) and Elementary School Intensive and Culture Programs.
• To ensure that all members of the Early Years Program, Elementary and Middle School
Academic team are familiar with their responsibilities as laid out in their job descriptions.
• To maintain a knowledge of all students, their progress and development in the Early Years
Program (EC), Elementary, Middle School.
• To maintain an active awareness and acquaintance with the parent body.
• To conduct parent conferences with the staff to support ongoing communication of
student progress.
• To support the staff with the management of student behavioral, social, and emotional
• To conduct and document monthly Grade level curriculum and assessment planning
meetings to inform, introduce, discuss, and plan upcoming Early Years Program (EC) and
Elementary, Middle School Program events, activities, ideas, and issues with the teacher
teams. (Administrators, Coordinators, and other Specialist teachers are invited to these
meetings when needed or requested).
• To conduct and document monthly Learning Community (Curriculum, Assessment and
Instructional) planning meetings (Chinese Programs).
• To oversee the development of a clearly articulated, working curriculum and assessment
documentation for the Early Years (EC), Elementary, Middle School Chinese Programs.
• To oversee and peruse and maintain copies of the required weekly, monthly planning
documents for the Early Years Program (EC), Elementary and Middle School Program which
will outline the goals, content, and support resources to be undertaken in all the
• To oversee and contribute to the annual orders of materials, books, resources, and
supplies and the needed consumables orders throughout the year for the Early Years (EC)
Elementary, Middle School Programs.
• To maintain proper documents, track and keep an accurate record of any academic budgetrelated expenditure, and manage the cost of operations under the Early Years (EC) and
Elementary and Middle School Programs.
• To ensure coordination and approval process with the Head of School and finance
• To maintain and edit, when needed, the “Classroom Guidelines” section of the Teacher
• To maintain and edit, when needed, the “Academic Notes” section of the Parent Handbook.
• To maintain proper record keeping and documentation for all appointed Grade levelrelated items.
• To coordinate the maintenance of the master student files; academic, medical, and
• To maintain informal classroom visits followed by formal classroom evaluations.
• To meet weekly with teachers and specialists, for “touch-base” to remain abreast of the
development of each classroom and student.
• To coordinate daily with the Principal of Non-Academic Operations to maintain the
everyday running of the school building.
• To sign-off and approve ASA teaching requests of teachers and TA’s under assigned division.
• To schedule supervision for bus duty every term.

Professional Growth and Conduct:

• To maintain an awareness of other Chinese curriculum, standards, new trends in education
and research, or other pertinent programs.
• To maintain an awareness of all standards and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
• To share these resources with appointed Grade level staff to further enhance the
curriculum, program, and student development.
• To offer professional development for the staff.
• To co-ordinate parent education opportunities.
• To develop and implement a retention plan.
• Other duties as assigned.

Essential Qualifications:

• Chinese certification required
• Bachelor’s degree required
• Montessori Certification preferred
• Master’s Degree in Leadership preferred
• School administration or leadership certification (in progress)
• Experience as a teacher at the elementary, EC level and/or Middle Level (5+years)
• A sound understanding of the developmental needs of students in the relevant grade
• Strong understanding and respect for a diversity of cultures and needs

Salary & Benefits:

The salary and benefits package are competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications
and experience of the successful candidate.
This job description may be changed at any time depending on required responsibilities. The staff
member will be informed when this occurs.