EAL Teacher
Duties & Responsibilities• To model and inspire teachers to create and provide stimulating and enthusiastic learni...

Duties & Responsibilities

• To model and inspire teachers to create and provide stimulating and enthusiastic learning
environments in which children will flourish in their acquisition of the English language.
• To ensure that the approach is consistent with and models the principles of the school ethos and
the philosophy and methodology of Montessori.
• To assist in your full understanding of this approach, you will be given weekly opportunities to
observe and assist in a variety of Montessori classrooms to allow your continued development,
growth, and knowledge of the Montessori principles.
• To attend EAL/Student Services Department team meetings and conduct curriculum,
instructional planning, and assessment.
• To deliver EAL curriculum and monitor growth by using a variety of assessment tools and
reviewing the MAP data.
• To create a series of resources for the Academic library which will support the on-going
development of EAL teachers.
• To liaise with the classroom teachers and administer an initial assessment tool to evaluate the
English levels of every student enrolled in the school for the purposes of creating and
maintaining the EAL register of students receiving support.
• To regularly monitor and liaise with the EAL and class teachers, regarding the progress of all
• To create and put into place in consultation with the class teachers and Academic Principals, a
schedule for those children who require EAL.
• To review EAL progress reports written by teachers.
• To plan and deliver several Parent information sessions per year.
• To maintain an awareness of all standards and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
• To assess and prepare EAL student reports to parents.
• To collaborate with all members of the Student Services Department.
• Other as requested by Lead Teacher, Student Services Coordinator and Head of School.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

• Bachelor or Master Degree in Education
• High level of English proficiency required
• Minimum of 3 years teaching experience (ESL, ELL or EAL)
• ESL certification
• Excellent communication skills; open-minded; optimistic
• Desire to work collaboratively within a team

Salary & Benefits

The salary and benefits package are competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications
and experience of the successful candidate.