Summary Description:The School Counselor facilitates the social/emotional development of identified students byprovidin...

Summary Description:

The School Counselor facilitates the social/emotional development of identified students by
providing comprehensive services to students, teachers, and other school personnel, and
coordinates services to and for the families.

Teaching Duties & Responsibilities & Classroom Management:

• Support identified students (including low incidence and autism spectrum disorder children)
on an individual basis as determined by the schools Learning Support (LS) and administrative
departments and implement direct service as recommended.
• Provide group guidance and social skills activities for students related to topics such as selfawareness, social awareness, and accepting disabilities relative to functioning in school,
family relationships, etc.
• Consult with teachers and provide support regarding students social/emotional needs.
• Provide support and consult with parents of identified children in areas related to the
functioning of their child in his/her educational program and his/her home. Facilitate parent
information and support groups as needed.
• Participate in IEP and Eligibility Determination Conferences to facilitate communication
regarding student needs.
• Refer students who need assistance in adjusting to school followed by a staffing to
recommend service(s).
• Attend departmental, interdepartmental, professional, and community-based meetings as
• Assist in formulation of annual goals and objectives addressing the social emotional needs of
identified students.
• Coordinate referral of students and/or families to community agencies as per directions of
the school.
• Participate with consultants in planning in-service for teachers in social emotional aspects of
education for identified students.
• Assumes other responsibilities within the scope of the job and duties assigned in
extraordinary circumstances
• Other duties, as assigned by school.

Personal Skills and Abilities:

• To understand and respect young people to support them in resolving issues or concerns.
• The ability to establish effective working relationships with sta 任 students, parents and
outside resources.
• To be an active, energetic and collaborative member of the counselling team and broader
school teams.
• To be efficient in managing time and priorities.
• To develop and maintain comprehensive confidential records

MSB Events

• Assist with other school events, such as the Fall and Spring Picnics.
• Attend in-house events when necessary.

School Duties

• Conduct weekly lunch duties as required.
• Conduct one playground duty per academic year as per the roster calendar.

Professional Growth and Conduct:

• To conduct oneself professionally, courteously and ethically at all times, being respectful of all
members of the MSB community and dressing appropriately as a representative of our
• To maintain an awareness of all standards and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
• To protect the privacy and working atmosphere of the community at all times.
• To support the development efforts of the MSB community through visibility at various
events throughout the year.
• To participate in performance review and self-evaluation as required by the Senior Academic

Academic & Professional Qualifications

• Bachelor or Master Degree in Education
• High level of English proficiency required
• Minimum of 5 years related working experience
• Excellent communication skills; open-minded; optimistic
• Desire to work collaboratively within a team

Salary & Benefits

The salary and benefits package are competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications
and experience of the successful candidate.
This job description may be changed at any time depending on required responsibilities. The staff
member will be informed when this occurs.