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Staff Spotlight: Chin
08 May
  • Staff Spotlight: Chin

Malaysian born Chin has always held a fascination for the Montessori philosophy from the very first sight of how the pedagogy is implemented to inspire children to be life-long learners.  

Her commitment and professionalism to a Montessori education plants the seeds in children’s heart and you can never tell where the influence stops. “I love the feeling of knowing that children will continue with their education with a strong Montessori background, which they gained during their early years,” she said.

Let’s see how Chin dedicates herself to Montessori, MSB and the growth of her precious children.

Chin enjoys working with children.

How many years have you been working at MSB?

9 years!

What attracted you to come work at MSB? 

I worked as an Early Childhood educator at a preschool in Malaysia for many years. When I first visited MSB in 2011, I noted the differences between Montessori and the teaching methods that I was using. I was surprised to see MSB children grow and develop in a Montessori environment. I was also impressed with the comfortable atmosphere between the staff and children. This has captured my interests in the Montessori method, and I started pursuing my Montessori training shortly after. 

What do you enjoy about working at MSB?

I love how MSB implements the Montessori philosophy. Our classrooms are filled with quality Montessori materials and MSB teachers are experienced and well-trained in the Montessori method. And for those who are new to Montessori, experienced colleagues step in and share their knowledge and expertise.

MSB provides great opportunities and support for all staff by inviting renowned Montessori and non-Montessori educators, such as Dane L. Peters, Betsy Coe, Annette Romano, Frank Leto, and much more. MSB also encourages and supports the teachers to join professional development courses outside the school. 

Another thing I love about MSB is the wonderful feeling of community. Our staff, parents and children create a warm and loving atmosphere. I always feel the love, care and respect from the MSB Community. The MSB Community organizes annual charity events such as the Bake Sale, Book Sale and Clothing Sale to help the children or people in need. The Parents’ Association holds an annual Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast every year to say thank you to the teaching staff for their effort. MSB also organizes picnics for everyone to have fun. 

The best thing I enjoy about working at MSB is learning and growing with the precious children. They give me a lot of love, hugs and surprises every day. I am honored to be one of the key influencers during these early stages of childhood for my students. I love the feeling of knowing that they will continue their education with a strong Montessori background, which they gained during kindergarten. 

Chin enjoys playing with children at the playground. 

Could you share with us one of the beautiful memories of MSB that you have?

I received a lot of love and hugs from children every day. One of my beautiful memories was a pair of socks with hedgehogs from a child. I had a hedgehog, Harold. I brought Harold to the classroom while we were talking about mammals. All of the children were so excited to see Harold and they were taking care of Harold for a week at school. After the summer holiday, one of the children came to visit me with a pair of socks with hedgehogs on it. I was deeply touched that the child had remembered her experience with Harold. And her gift showed me that she really loved that experience. That I was able to plant a seed and provide a memorable learning experience meant a lot to me.  

What vision do you wish to share about MSB’s future?

I can’t wait to see the middle and high school flourishing in the years to come.  

What would you share with our parents, students and future teachers? 

Trust and respect. With the trust and respect to MSB, among colleague, parents and children, we can create a comfortable learning and working environment with great support from each other.

Our Staff Spotlight series will feature a member of our faculty or staff each week. As MSB celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, the greatest asset we have is our long serving faculty and staff who continue to nurture, educate and dedicate their passion and time to serving our students. For the upcoming weeks, we will share our interviews with the long serving members of the MSB team!