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SEP: Preschool Summer Fun
16 Jul
  • SEP: Preschool Summer Fun

Infant & Toddler and Early Childhood children had a lot of fun while learning new skills and reinforcing what they have already learned at the Summer Enrichment Program over the course of the last nine days.

Our engaging and wholesome summer program kicked off on Monday, July 6 for students from Toddler to Middle School, which focusses on Chinese, English, Math, specialty classes such as Science, Art, Music, PE and workshops. It’s a fun and exciting space for our students to reinforce what they learned throughout the year. 

Our youngest learners in the Infant & Toddler program featured sensory based learning such as Chinese & English story time, family yoga, music, art, design and cooking, just to name a few. All lessons were conducted live through Zoom for a maximum of two hours daily to balance screen time for that tender age. 

On Tuesday this week, Toddler Lead Teacher Xhilda made fruit salad in a cooking session that involved children watching, smelling, feeling and tasting the colorful fruits as they learned  vocabulary related to the entire process and ingredients. They then reinforced their sensorial knowledge by making seashell handprint with Play-Doh in the art session. 

The Montessori Method places an emphasis on sensorial development for toddlers to nurture academic curiosity at an early age and facilitate their development of fine-motor skills.

Early Childhood children had more language and mathematical operations in numeracy activities on their schedule. 

Early Childhood, Lead Teacher Chin inspired children to learn the decimal system with the unique Montessori material - units of beads. Every child got the chance to practice numeracy skills with engaging games and exercises in order of difficulty.

During one Art session for Early Childhood on Monday, children made a delicate starfish using Play-Doh with Art teacher Sunny. 

Children took their time in observing the shape and arms of different kinds of starfish before kneading and squeezing it into shape. They take in the related vocabulary not only with mind but also with their hands. 

The program’s key objective was to provide students with the opportunities to develop skills beyond curricular learning through an extensively rich variety of activities designed to create life-long learners.