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Science & Interest Fair
22 Apr
  • Science & Interest Fair

MSB has been committed to inspiring life-long learning in a caring environment. The annual Science & Interest Fair is one of the opportunities that encourage our children to become independent and motivated learners. 

As one of the big events of the year, children were empowered to develop research skills, academic writing and presentation skills. 

Guided by the science teachers, Grade 1, 2, 5 & 6 children showcased their experiments at the fair this week. The eye-catching experiments were designed to help students gain insights into some chemical and physical theories, such as gravity, air pressure and PH indicator.

Meanwhile, Grade 3 & 4 students delved into their interested topics and pulled off a remarkable presentation to the audience. The topic covers a wide range of cultural and historical studies, including deforestation, virus and the Bermuda Triangle.