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MSB Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence
19 Nov
  • MSB Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence

In 1990, we could scarcely imagine that 30 years on we would grow from a small family school into one of the most prominent international schools across China.  

In 2020, the International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB) is proud to celebrate 30 years of delivering the highest quality education to the international community in China.   

For generations of students, parents, and staff MSB has been more than just a school, it has been a community, a family and a place where countless dreams have been born.   

After decades of well-balanced development, MSB has grown from a Montessori classroom in the Royal Norwegian Embassy for a group of 10 pupils to a unique school aimed at providing excellent education from toddler to middle school in the English and Chinese language for Beijing’s international community.  

MSB’s curriculum expanded to offer a choice of an English-only based education or a complete full-immersion dual language English-Mandarin Program.  
The opening of our Little MSBees and very own Middle School program in 2019 completed the vision to provide students with the essential skills to realize success in university, career and in life. 

When we unveiled our 30th anniversary slogan “The Future Starts Here” last term, Head of School Benjamin Farrell appreciated the achievements MSB has made and summarized the development into three key words - Community, resilience and future.  

“I have worked with many excellent colleagues. But with certainty I can tell that MSB staff are the best,” said Ben. “I have seen many schools but none of them has a community like MSB. Building a community is not easy and we all grow in this process.” 

Frankie Chowles, an expert in Infant & Toddler education, has nurtured over 600 children during her 25 years at MSB. She said it was the children who made her stay at MSB for so long. “Every child that has passed through my classrooms left a footprint in my heart.” 

MSB has held a string of events to mark our 30 years of Montessori education. On the 30th day of school in the 2019-2020 academic year, we shared with our community a video of our students and teachers speaking “We’re 30” in 30 languages. A mural of students’ artworks and a canvas of students’ palm prints were created to highlight the number 30. Parents also made their mark in the celebration by leaving their palm prints on a canvas featuring the word “WE”. All the artworks have been installed in our well-designed buildings. 

Three parent representatives were also invited on the 30th day to share their love and sweet memories of MSB. A father named Jiang Qing recounted the story behind his donation of air purifiers to MSB in 2014. “It’s MSB’s openness and inclusiveness, unrivalled among international schools, that facilitated the air pollution experiments in classrooms and guaranteed students a clean environment ahead of other schools,” said Jiang. 

We are delighted to announce that we will continue our 30th anniversary celebration with a new wave of events and interviews with our leadership, faculty, parents and alumni to share what makes MSB stand out in the education sector. 

It is the commitment of putting children first that carried us through 30 years of thick and thin. 

It is the dedication of teachers and staff that bind us together and established MSB as the primary forerunner and leader in quality Montessori and dual language education in China.  

We will keep our Montessori philosophy and current research at our core, which guides us to focus on the developmental needs and characteristics of the children. 

With 30 years of success under our belt, we’re looking forward to the next 30 years as we will continue to be a leader and a model of quality education in China and will never waiver in our commitment to honour and serve the child with the utmost dignity, love and respect. 

The Future Starts Here.