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Memories of MSB
10 Jun
  • Memories of MSB

The end of an academic year is a time to step back and reflect. When we celebrate the students’ accomplishments and resilience revealed during the online activities, some students took this moment to reminisce about their days at MSB. Whether you are promoted to a higher grade at MSB or moving on to the next chapter of your life, we’re, just around the corner, waiting to hear about your future adventures. The Future Starts Here.

Aletheia, Grade 8
In the future, when I look back on my time in middle school, the first thing that I will recall is that MSB was such a happy place. I made countless fun and cheerful memories that I will never forget. I remember the first day of sixth grade when I walked into the new middle school building. I felt so excited but nervous to start the year in the new building. Now, I feel so grateful that I was able to spend my middle school years in a school like MSB, and I am so excited that I can spend the next year here at MSB as well.

Kelvin Wei, Grade 7
I've been in MSB for the past 10 years. Being one of the oldest students(according to the years at this school), I have a lot of memories for the past two years. So many changes happened in the Middle School and more changes happened to me. I remember every day at school and at home having online school. I remember having lessons, lunch and recess with classmates. I'm sure that I'll remember middle school at MSB for my lifetime.

Charis, Grade 6
Wow, what a year it has been! So many things have happened, from being at school, to having house activities, to having online school. I am so thankful for all the teachers that have worked so hard throughout the year, keeping us safe and protected from Covid. I am also thankful to all my classmates for making the days online worth fighting through. Despite the inconveniences caused by Covid, we had had so much fun throughout the year. For example, during House activities, we played dodgeball, badminton, tennis, and scrabble all despite the unpredictable virus around us.