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Learning Goes beyond Classrooms
06 Nov
  • Learning Goes beyond Classrooms

Learning goes beyond the classrooms at MSB.

It’s inspiring to see children challenge themselves at the annual MSB Buzz Run on Monday, November 2. Regardless of their time and rankings, all Elementary and Middle School students were happy to say, while catching their breath, “I did it”.

MSB has been offering running events to students for a long time. The cross country race is designed to cap one of the PE unit on endurance and is part of the sports program which is a dynamic complement to the academics.

“Each child benefits from this event in a wholistic way from Montessori perspective,” said PE Teacher Cecile. Physically, they train hard to achieve a goal despite fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Mentally, they have to push themselves and learn to work as a team, she said.

By watching the younger ones, the older students realize their progress of their running abilities. By watching the oldest ones, the younger students can expect the development of their running abilities. The event is part of a maturing process within each child’s growth, she added. 

As children mature at different rate, MSB’s PE curriculum focused on individual improvement and team building rather than winning or prizes. “We are offering specific PE class setups, which help each child to naturally put himself/herself in his/her own level per activity, our task is to help every one to step up to the next level,” Cecile said.

Relevance a huge part of Montessori education

The sports event is just part of our program that offers children a learning environment, allowing them to sensorially experience any concepts and ideas that further ignite their curious minds and nurture their natural desire for knowledge and understanding.

The Buzz Run was preceded by Pumpkin Patch last week when children of all grades picked their pumpkins and corns to celebrate autumn. 

When abstract ideas come into life, concepts become relevant and meaningful, developing a love for learning and discovery. The Autumn Harvest Celebration and MSB Buzz Run are a couple of examples of how school events could be an avenue of allowing children to acquire a deeper understanding of an idea based on experience other than classroom presentations. 

Celebrating autumn could strike one’s imagination leading to questions about the natural patterns of the world and cycles of nature. Younger children might start wondering about the weather, plants, and animals, while older children engage in discussions about life cycles and social responsibility behind food production. On the other hand, the MSB Buzz Run is a culmination of the Physical Education unit on endurance, said Geraldine, Head of Academic.

Community events do not only serve the cognitive needs of a child. They also promote social skills. Children learn to wait for their turn, show respect to others, practice patience and self-regulation, and build friendships. It cultivates interest in their extended community and environment. Montessori practice is not only about educating the mind. It is preparing the child for life.