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Students Present Their Interest Fair Projects
26 Jun
  • Students Present Their Interest Fair Projects

MSB has always been committed to inspire life-long learning in a caring environment. The Interest Fair is one of the projects that encourages children to become independent and motivated learners.

Our Science & Interest Fair projects are usually divided across the grades 1, 3 and 5 doing science based and grades 2,4, and 6 taking on interest projects. The projects are either group or individual and the students present at our Science and Exhibition Fair; Covid-19 had our teams shake things up. 

This year, our grades 3 and 4 took on interest projects. Each child is encouraged to work on something they are interested or passionate about. Through the support of their teachers and teaching assistants, each child has a chance to delve deeper into what they care about. The project consists of expository writing, creating a 3D model and a presentation. 

Every child has the opportunity to present to their peers after making great effort in finding information, facts, and images. It is one of the biggest works of the year and an opportunity for the children to develop research skills, academic writing and presentation skills.

“It took me about 2 months to prepare for the presentation,” said Kynan, a Dual Language student who’s project focussed on “The Valley of The Kings” to learn more about Egyptian history. 

“I’ve improved in searching information and become more confident to presenting myself,” he said. 

Here are some of the students’ works: