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Empower Children with Global Vision
23 Oct
  • Empower Children with Global Vision

Global citizenship is about being part of a growing world community and choosing to contribute to making that world community a better place.  

In Montessori classrooms, children are encouraged to envision the world with a higher sense of awareness, learning to form global connections through age-appropriate demonstrations that highlight the connections between local and global.  

This week, MSB’s Elementary and Middle School students took part in a collection of activities at our annual International Week, and during which they were able to get a better understanding of who they are as individuals, as a member of society, and ultimately as a citizen of the world. 

Middle School students were thrilled to engage in an international-themed scavenger hunt. Divided into four teams, they took part in a friendly competition to uncover clues that would tell them the name of a mystery country. They need to seek out the clues from teachers of different nationalities.  

“The purpose of the activity was for students to learn some facts about other countries in the world, to realize how international our school is, and most importantly to build community and engage in teamwork leading to a common goal,” said Deva, Humanities teacher of Grade 7. 

Grade 6 students also dug deep into the history and cultures worldwide to create and deliver presentations to the class. The younger grades learned the different cultures by enjoying the cuisines.  

Grade 4 children wrapped up the week on Friday with their rendition of Best Day of My Life and The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the elementary lobby. 

By empowering children with a global vision and appreciation of all life on Earth, we hope to develop a generation of teenagers who value global connection and are able to collaborate with people across all cultures.