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Counselor's Hub: Virtue of Generosity
17 Dec
  • Counselor's Hub: Virtue of Generosity

Generosity is December’s virtue in Elementary and Middle school. We have studied science experiments which have conclusively proven that generous people are happier people. Making money of its own accord did not necessarily make people happy but when they spent it on others than themselves it did (Always!). 

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Being Generous 

  • Greater satisfaction with life.  
  • More friends.  
  • Stronger relationships with the people they know.  
  • Happier with their careers.  
  • A more positive outlook.  
  • Better physical and mental health.  
  • Satisfaction with what you have.  
  • Higher self-esteem. 

How does generosity make you happy? 

Researchers have found a connection between happiness and the performance of selfless acts. Giving to others, they say, activates an area of the brain linked with contentment and the reward cycle. Giving to others our time, patience, attention, care, kindness or possessions and money without the expectation of anything in return makes our lives happier…the science is in… if you want to be happy, Give! 

For many, this is a season of giving. Enjoy and remember when you give, happiness is sure to follow. 

Happy Holidays!