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Counselor’s Hub: Unity through Diversity
15 Oct
  • Counselor’s Hub: Unity through Diversity

Inclusion is the extent to which school students, staff, families, and other people at MSB feel a sense of belonging and value within our school setting and community. Whether you are a new student and family to MSB, the way we welcome you and your sense of safety to thrive and grow is important to us.

We get another opportunity to be inclusive next week as the vibe and ambiance of International Week is coming to MSB soon.

It is where we get to celebrate and acknowledge our diversity and how enriched our community is by our similarities and perhaps even more importantly by our differences. 

The children will learn about other cultures and share what is unique and the best of their own. A week of displaying national pride and celebrating the diversity of our school while learning about each other. Language, food, dress, sports, weather, culture explored in the virtue of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and acceptance can only lead to more harmonious relationships. A lofty and universal goal is global peace. MSB students and our broader community are so fortunate to celebrate unity through diversity. 

As the MSB school counselor, I am so lucky to live in Beijing, work at MSB, and the opportunity to share my Australian culture with our community. In turn, my life is enriched by the openness, caring and willingness of others within our school to celebrate their culture during International Week. The event will enrich all our lives, expanding perspective, and learning together.

I am proud to be at MSB, Beijing, and China. 
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the School Counselor at schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn