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Counselor’s Hub: Things Standardized Tests Can’t Measure
30 Sep
  • Counselor’s Hub: Things Standardized Tests Can’t Measure

With the ISA testing completed for our Grade 5-7 students this week, as your counselor I wanted to reflect on some critical attitudes and attributes that standardized tests can’t measure. At MSB we teach Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and integrate it into our subjects where possible and these character traits are promoted in everyday school life by all staff all the time. From my perspective they are critical skills and learnings to promote the best chance towards a healthy and happy life. It’s these SEL qualities that help to set MSB apart in the International school landscape and encompass the spirit of the “Welcome School”, we all get to experience at The International Montessori School of Beijing. 

Don’t become preoccupied with your child’s academic ability, but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone. Teach them to be kind. Teach them to offer help. Teach them to be a friend. Teach them to encourage others. Teach them to think about other people. Teach them to share. Teach them to look for the good in others. 

This is how they will change the world to be a better place and in turn enrich their own lives.

Should you have any concerns, please contact School Counselor Ken at schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn