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Counselor’s Hub: Social & Emotional Learning at MSB
14 Oct
  • Counselor’s Hub: Social & Emotional Learning at MSB

At the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year at MSB we are renewing and doubling our collective effort to instill positive Virtues or Character Traits to “make a difference” in the MSB community. Please see the table below for the focus virtues at MSB for the 2022-23 academic year and the dates of the celebration assemblies of grades 1-9. Toddler and Early Childhood are conducting their own schedules as whole school gatherings are subject to restrictions.
We continue to use the Virtues Project curriculum to guide our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

The students will explore a virtue integrated throughout the day, week, and month in all areas of school life, classroom, playgrounds, and specialist subjects. Students of all grades will have a focus virtue that will be, discussed with learning activities to strengthen understanding and its importance, as a character strength acknowledged, reinforced, and celebrated in school assemblies at the culmination to ensure it is an enduring quality of MSB student body and wider school community.
The following key concepts are integrated through these Virtues: 
•    Treat others as you would like them to treat you (The Golden Rule). 
•    Be Brave - participate to progress
•    It takes great strength to be sensible and always do the right thing.

•    Pursue your personal best, at all times, no matter what the task or who you work with. 
•    Have reasons for the things you say and do. Be gentle with your words.

Teachers and students are talking about these signature strengths. We invite our families to join the conversation. Your support and focus will further strengthen and consolidate this essential learning in partnership with the school. 

We’re aiming to develop children’s self-management. This is more than just getting organized for the day. It means encouraging children to make decisions based on “what is right”, and to exercise moral and ethical judgment in their day-to-day actions, as is outlined in the personal and social capability of our curriculum.

The aim of character education is to develop students’ ability to regulate their emotions and manage their decisions and actions and challenge their thinking towards self, others, the environment, community while fostering greater independence. Personal responsibility and being gentle and considerate of others in the things we say and do, will enhance communication, and strengthen connections. These are often described as “soft skills” but research from employers is universal in describing these as essential skills for 21st century.

Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork, and feel positive about themselves and the world around them. The development of personal and social capability is a foundation for learning, citizenship, and community building.

Learning about Virtues is not separate from the daily learning program; it’s one of the foundation stones and pillars upon which all learning experiences are built. 

What virtues/ character strengths are important to you and your family?