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Counselor's Hub: Powerful Mantras
10 Sep
  • Counselor's Hub: Powerful Mantras

Positive statements and loving guidance can help a child turn negative thoughts into positive and grow their confidence 

Has your child been overly anxious going back to school? 

One thing is certain...returning to school this year can bring big emotions. Feelings of uncertainty and the unfamiliar can cause additional stress in students. It's a lot to handle for kids. With exposure and over the coming weeks we expect things to improve so a cautious supportive approach is advised. 

Things a parent can do now to help. 

  • When kids feel anxious, it's important to validate their feelings. 
  • It's also helpful to give them alternatives to their anxious thoughts.  
  • Mantras are positive statements that you can say to your child and have them repeat out aloud.  

Read the below statements together so that these empowering and positive words get planted in your child's mind and replace their anxious thoughts. If feeling really brave, have them look in the mirror while they repeat the Mantras.  


  • Things can be hard. And I can do hard things 
  • It’s okay if I’m not the best at something. I will focus on being the best I can be. 
  • I can make friends, be happy and most importantly be myself. 
  • I always choose kindness and it is important to also be kind to myself. 
  • When I feel nervous, I can be brave, ask questions and get help. 

Watch your child’s confidence grow, as they shift their negative thoughts to positive thoughts with your guidance, love and care. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the School Counselor at schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn