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Counselors’ Hub: Mindful Gratitude
26 Nov
  • Counselors’ Hub: Mindful Gratitude

How can I practice mindful gratitude? 

Here are 3 Ways to train your brain to Practice More Gratitude 

Take time to notice what's around you. Practicing mindfulness helps you tune in to the present moment. ... focus on your breath, hear it, feel it, exhale 

Practice gratitude for the little things. ... the beauty of flowers, sunshine.  

Share your gratitude for your loved ones. ...  family and friends. Start a gratitude jar. 

This week at MSB some students took time with the school counselor to do some mindful silent sustained coloring while listening to meditation music of waves crashing, birds singing and wind rustling. A planned 5 minutes turned into 15 as some lost themselves in the peaceful tranquility.  

Are you ever consciously silent? 

Neuroscience is teaching us that just 10 minutes of mindful reflection, slowing down the world and taking an intentional break aided by music, reading, listening, focusing on the mind, spirit, body leads to better health and wellness.  

We used our Health and Wellness session to focus on mindful gratitude, encouraging students to change just 10%. Think what a collective change in the class, school, the community there will be if we all give an extra 10% intention to do acts of kindness, show gratitude, and be thankful for what we have and who we get to share this wonderful journey of life with. 

This week our Middle School Nurse Lisa received a note saying that “I am thankful for Lisa because she greets me with a smile every day”. Lisa shared her note with the school counselor and her colleague Nick from IT and then took a photo for a keepsake. 

I think that gratitude note just might have made her day.  

Lisa you are welcome!