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Counselor’s Hub: Is Your Child Safe Online?
09 Sep
  • Counselor’s Hub: Is Your Child Safe Online?

I heard this on the TV and thought this was a perfect remedy for those people we allow into our lives. This is true for our Middle School – High School students on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik- Tok, and YouTube if they have access and permission to use VPN and the Chinese versions Dou Yin, Xiao Hong Shu, and Weibo. 

MS/ HS students are still working out their Self- Identity and they get many of their impressions from friends, influencers, and popular social media.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) may keep them going back to comments even when they know they are not making their lives and self–esteem better.

This formula is an easy one to get rid of these people and influences:

  • MUTE them,
  • BLOCK them,
  • DELETE them,

This is an easy solution that doesn’t require you to confront them (unless you need to) and that will make your teenagers' life so much simpler and maybe your own if you follow this simple but powerful advice.

While I am not advocating this for every situation, it can be super helpful to start remembering and affirming “you are beautiful and worthy, courageous and strong”, and “You are enough”.

You get to control how you feel, who is in your life and what messages you want to absorb! Yes, YOU DO!

Try it today and let me know how you feel! It can’t hurt you if you don’t let it in.

All parents need to know what their child is doing online. We need to protect them until they can protect themselves.