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Counselor’s Hub: Foster Friendship
18 Jun
  • Counselor’s Hub: Foster Friendship

With the summer holidays fast approaching, your child will be excited but also perhaps have mixed emotions due to good friends leaving or not seeing classmates for an extended time. Fostering friendship relationships in and out of school can be just as important especially during those long hot days of summer. Sharing is much more fun.  

What can parents do to support friendships? Michael Grose, parent educator and psychologist, in his article “Helping your child establish friendships” suggested not too much but just enough is the right mix of support and interference. 

Invite friends to your house to play, visit them, and arrange experiences. Bonds grow through shared experiences. Do a little and then get out of the way and let your child do the rest. Good luck! 

Kindly click here to learn how to help your child establish friendships.  

Should you have any concerns, please contact School Counselor Ken at schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn