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Counselor’s Hub: Family Resilience 2
04 Jun
  • Counselor’s Hub: Family Resilience 2

Welcome to the second part of a series on setting significant family boundaries to promote resilience in your home. Use it as a checklist to measure how your family is doing. If something in the list resonates as an area for improvement, it may be time to tweak a routine or set an expectation of communication and stick with it. Good luck! 

Family Wellbeing Tips:  

Cut out put downs. How many are happening in your home? Put downs can happen between siblings and both ways in adult/child interactions. Speak respectfully to each other and stamp out the use of put downs quickly. In our family, we use a respectful tone, and if we can’t, we calm down first so we can! 

Respectful communication. Shouting, screaming, and demanding don’t work as powerfully as respectful communication in families. If someone in your family is struggling to keep this family value, create a sanctuary in the home where they can retreat and recover their emotions before trying again. Predictable rewards and consequences applied every time will help make the shift in style. Talking early but always talking and active listening all change behavior quickly. 

Routine – Pressure points in family life are helped by creating routines. These are well worn, predictable grooves that the family life runs along. Morning, homework, and bedtime routines – what are yours? Children love routines. Set them for chores, taking responsibility, and caring for pets and plants. 

Managing screen time. Help your child by limiting screen time during the school week. Keep screen time to a specific amount of time and encourage your child into other activities like free play, reading, or sport. Keep screens out of bedrooms. Worth saying again …keep screens out of bedrooms…. or…definitely don’t let them recharge there. 

Sleep – Is your family getting enough? Being resilient, learning, mood – are all dependent on sleep. A bedtime routine, keeping technology out of the bedrooms, having set times for bedtime – all help with this essential commodity. 

Should you have any concerns, please contact School Counselor Ken at schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn