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Counselor’s Hub: Cooperation & Thankfulness
21 Oct
  • Counselor’s Hub: Cooperation & Thankfulness

In the months of October and November, we are exploring the virtues of Cooperation and Thankfulness

Look out for the art installation to appear on the outside wall of MSB main gate soon, where families can take a picture with angel wings and celebrate collectively the virtue of Thankfulness. What you are thankful for? What makes you soar? We hope to have cards ready for you on Parent Night where you are encouraged to reflect and write a thankful message to your child. 

A strategy I used when raising my daughter was to write her intermittently, Love Letters, of appreciation, acknowledgment expressing my pride, trust, and confidence in her. 

The cards she in return thoughtfully writes on special occasions have become a source of great pride and an affirmation in our parent-child relationship. 

It all started with my intention to gift her a private, personal, and positive letter. These strategies have the potential to say things that our busy lives interrupt.

Seeing the messages, letters, and cards bundled up over the years in must “keep boxes” speaks volumes on how they have been received and how precious they were in building healthy and happy family relationships. 

The Grade 7/8/9 students wrote affirmations in Health and Wellness class a couple of weeks ago in the spirit of cooperation and team building where they wrote down the things they appreciate in other classmates and the strengths they see in that person. We then asked the students to nominate and share one character strength written by someone else in their class that they believe to be true about themselves. I wonder where these pieces of paper will end up.

It is often easier to focus on the things we see in others that they do not do well, negative thoughts. Research tells us if you want to grow and influence something, compliments, encouragement, confidence and acknowledging it in others is more powerful than criticism. 
So having a strategy and telling them they are loved, appreciated often and the strength you see in them by writing a letter, card, or note from the heart can make my parenting and counseling experience a profound difference. 

Our Head of School Gaye Rawding read a terrific book “Cookies” last week in the Buzz celebrating virtues. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do so with your child. The illustrations and message enrich the Character education and school-family partnership.