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Career Day
18 Jun
  • Career Day

Career day is a learning opportunity for MSB students to gain insight and make a connection between school and the workplace. 

From school accountant, nurse to PE teacher, Grade 6 & 7 students took part in internships in different roles during their Career Day on Wednesday. Each student shadowed a teacher or a staff on that day and gained first-hand experience in the working field. After a day with the Communication & Marketing Department, Grade 7's Alvin and Aletheia worked together to chronicle the experience with their pen and lens.  

“As Montessorians, our educational program is rooted in hands-on, experimental learning. And having an opportunity to apply what we learn in the classroom to a real-life situation, as well as observe professionals in action, students are encouraged to value hard work and serve the community in ways they can,” Geraldine, Head of Academic, told Alvin. 

“Students can pick a job of their own choice; it offers students a chance to explore areas of work in the school that they might get interested in or see issues that the students want to be part of the solution,” said Geraldine.  

Neo of Grade 7 had a busy day with Jaime, Head of the Art Department. “It went great; we had a lot of work to do at the end of the year. We had to tidy up and clean up art works. Neo was working hard in the middle school bringing down artworks from the walls. We were doing a bit of everything; teaching, framing, tidying up, attending meetings. Hope it was like this every day,” Jaime told Alvin. 

“I got a better understanding of how different staff members played their roles in keeping the school machine running. Hard work and commitment make MSB strong,” Alvin said.