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ASA Signup Begins
09 Sep
  • ASA Signup Begins

Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom.

Parents gained a better understanding of the upcoming After School Activities at an Information Session held on September 8-9.

To streamline registration, we have launched a new online ASA registration system for parents to manage student’s schedules and courses using the School WeChat. 

Following a successful Summer School program, MSB Student Research Center is committed to providing a host of ASA, giving competitive and fun opportunities for students to develop their interests. 

The enrichment activities include swimming, dancing, coding, public speaking, chess, drama and Montessori Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.

Masterminded by MSB teachers and guest mentors, the extensive activities play a crucial part in the wholistic development of each child. Students are empowered to develop skills beyond curricular learning, such as leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit and much more.