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Toddler Program
Toddler Program

The International Montessori School of Beijng's (MSB) Toddler Program caters to the inquisitiveness and carefully designed classrooms to encourage sensory-based learning. 

[ 18 months - 3 years ]
A Solid Start

The focus of the curriculum during these formative years is to establish and expand each child’s knowledge base and skill set, paving the way for future learning.

The Toddler curriculum is comprised of five Montessori areas: Practical Life, Sensorial (includes geometry), Language, Math and Culture. Throughout the year, our teachers continuously observe and record the children’s progress in each area, carefully documenting their individual levels of understanding to better guide their learning.

Our children are immersed in a bilingual environment that alternates freely between English and Chinese. Here, children may master key vocabulary in both languages in preparation for entry into the Dual Language or English Only programs.