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Student Council

The International Montessori School of Beijing's student-led organization, Student Council advocates for the voices of the students and hosts exciting events to raise funds for charitable causes dear to them. 

The MSB student council is ran by 13 students each year, represented from Grade 4 and up. Each member on the council has their own, unique responsibilities. The student council meet every week to discuss upcoming events led by the council, share feedback from their fellow classmates, and collectively decide on how we can better the environment at MSB for students, parents and teachers alike. The council is led by the president and is run entirely by the student body, there is one teacher assigned as the student council advisor to help and assist where needed.

MSB’s student council pride themselves on raising funds for local and international charities, and for making improvements to the schools facilities. In 2019, the council raised more than RMB 20,000, which went towards several charities, including Locks for Love, a charity that donates wigs to children suffering with cancer. The funds were also used to improve facilities such as the new table tennis tables for the school playground.

The council dedicate their time to their fellow classmates selflessly, and take immense pride in their work as members of the council. New and innovative ways of raising money, boosting community spirit and improving the schools facilities are constantly in development by the student council. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!