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Physical Education TEACHER and JISAC Coordinator
14 Jun

Position Description:

The PE teacher is a member of the Academic Team. She/he will collaborate with the PE team to fulfill the school’s vision for this aspect of the school’s curriculum. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. The PE curriculum will be culturally diversified and will explore a wide variety of games and skill. It will also include movement activities, which can be incorporated into performance and drama. 

2. To organize a variety of extra-curricular activities and games for the students over their playground periods. 

3. To attend and participate in parent evenings and curriculum presentations and attend all school-wide functions, staff meetings, and professional development workshops. 

4. To meet all the requirements outlined in the job description of Montessori Lead Teacher.

5. To supervise children in small and large groups; to interact appropriately with children, using positive behavior
management techniques; with a consistently positive attitude; enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control. 

6. To participate in any in-service education programs conducted by MSB each year. 

7. To participate in the observation of other classrooms, and attend seminars and advanced coursework where possible.