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Elementary G3/4 Homeroom Teacher
01 Jun

Summary Description:

  • Each programme at MSB provides an appropriate Montessori environment prepared for the level of the children in the class and as set out by the enclosed School Mission and Best Practices & Principles Document, to which we believe embody the essence of Montessori and which are meant as a guide in our efforts to achieve this mission.
  • The homeroom teacher’s position is one of a guide, directing the children’s activities academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually in a manner that fosters the overall development and well- being of each individual.
  • The homeroom teacher’s goal is to create a stimulating and inspiring Montessori learning environment which will model the principles of the school ethos and the philosophy and methodology of the essential Montessori practices.
  • The teacher shall also maintain a positive and caring environment, to provide sensitive support to each child and to challenge each child to reach his/her fullest potential in each developmental area, in accordance with the Montessori philosophy.
  • Each teacher is an important and valued member of the MSB community and makes a positive contribution to the character of our community, helps maintain a respectful and co-operative atmosphere, shares responsibility for the safety of its members and co-operates in the administration of MSB policies and procedures.

Teaching Duties & Responsibilities & Classroom Management:

  • To develop and execute with your fellow colleagues and Academic team  curriculum consistent with the Montessori method and principles and appropriate to the learning objectives for that particular age group and the individual child.
  • To create concrete and supportive learning tools as required and to deliver your programme to the highest of standards.
  • To prepare and maintain an orderly environment in which the furnishings and materials are complete, appealing and appropriate to the needs of the group.
  • To care for and maintain the classroom, the materials and the supplies. They should be kept clean, orderly and in the best possible condition. The children are also to be empowered to this responsibility in keeping with Montessori’s philosophy of the Practical Life curriculum.
  • To attend all staff meetings including monthly team planning meetings.
  • To create weekly and daily lesson plans which will outline the goals, content and support resources to be undertaken in your daily work with your pupils.
  • To maintain current and accurate records of classroom attendance, children’s daily progress , attainment and achievement, through anecdotes, collections of children’s work for portfolio and individual assessment.
  • To monitor and liaise with all Specialist teachers, including Mandarin, EAL, and LST regarding the students’ progress.
  • To compile this knowledge in written format for the purpose of writing progress reports as set out by the school.
  • To conduct parent conferences and report verbally to parents regarding the progress of their child as set out by the school.
  • To notify your appropriate and immediate supervisor of any personal or professional difficulty with children, parents, staff or the community members.
  • To attend and participate in all school wide functions, professional development workshops, Parent Orientation and Parent Education evenings.
  • To maintain discipline and manage your classroom in the manner set out by the school handbook, with absolute and utter total respect for the child at all times. 
  • To undertake other supervisory duties such as in the playground and lunch room as set out by the school.
  • To assist at all times in the safety of all MSB students and assist all MSB students in acting responsibly in the school and on the grounds. Children are NEVER to be left unattended.



Professional Growth and Conduct:

  • To conduct oneself professionally, courteously and ethically at all times, being respectful of all members of the MSB community and dressing appropriately as a representative of our community. To maintain an awareness of all standards and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
  • To protect the privacy and working atmosphere of the community at all times.
  • To supervise and evaluate your assistant(s) and intern(s) in your classroom and to provide specific training and guidance to develop them as a professional working towards supporting the school ethos and their own job description.
  • To keep abreast of current research, trends and delivery styles, to ensure the highest possible level of teaching excellence and professionalism.
  • To participate in any in-service education programs conducted by MSB each year.
  • To participate in the observation of other classrooms, attend seminars and advanced coursework where possible.
  • To support the development efforts of the MSB community through visibility at various events throughout the year.
  • To participate in performance review and self-evaluation as required by the Senior Academic Team.


This job description may be changed at any time depending on required responsibilities. The staff member will be informed when this occurs.

Immediate Supervisor: Academic Director