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Early Childhood English Language Support Teacher
24 Mar

Early Childhood English Language Support Teacher

Position Description:

  • The Early Childhood English Language Support Teacher is a member of the Early Childhood, Academic Team and more directly a full-time member of the Montessori classroom to which they have been assigned.
  • The English Classroom teacher will work alongside the classroom team to firstly support the Montessori curriculum and community and next immerse the English language and activities into the day with the purpose of elevating the English language levels of the children.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To help create a stimulating and inspiring Montessori learning environment in collaboration with, and under the guidance of, the Lead Montessori teachers.
  • To prepare and maintain an orderly environment alongside the rest of the classroom teachers in which the furnishings and materials are complete, appealing, and appropriate to the needs of the group. They should be kept clean, orderly and in the best possible condition. The children are also to be empowered to this responsibility in keeping with Montessori’s philosophy of the Practical Life curriculum.
  • Conduct a minimum of 2 circle times per week.
  • To attend all staff meetings, as required.
  • To be involved with the EC Language Support team to plan curriculum which satisfies the above and attend EC English Language Support team planning meetings, as requested by the Early Childhood Division Head.
  • To create daily lesson plans which will outline the goals, content, and support resources to be undertaken in the daily work with the students. This is to be done in collaboration with the classroom Lead Teacher.
  • To create concrete and supportive learning tools as required to deliver our program with the highest of standard.
  • To keep abreast of current research, trends, and delivery styles to ensure the highest possible level of teaching excellence and professionalism.
  • To keep accurate records of the children’s daily progress, attainment, and achievement through anecdotes, collections of children’s work for portfolio and individual assessment, as per the classroom practices.
  • To monitor and liaise with the class teachers regarding the students’ progress.
  • To attend and participate in parent evenings and curriculum presentations, as required.
  • To attend all school-wide functions, staff meetings, and professional development workshops.
  • To maintain discipline and manage the classroom in the manner set out by the school handbook and in accordance with the Montessori principles.


Professional Growth and Conduct:

  • To conduct oneself professionally, courteously, and ethically at all times being respectful of all members of the MSB community and dressing appropriately as a representative of our community.
  • To maintain an awareness of all standards and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
  • To protect the privacy and working atmosphere of the community at all times.
  • To notify immediate supervisor of any personal or professional difficulty with children, parents, staff, or the community members.
  • To participate in any in-service education programs conducted by MSB each year.
  • To participate in the observation of other classrooms, attend seminars, and advanced coursework where possible.
  • To support the development efforts of the MSB community through visibility at various events throughout the year.
  • To participate in performance review and self-evaluation as required by the Senior Academic Team.

Immediate Supervisor: Early Childhood Division Head