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Additional Services
Additional Services

The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB) offers student support services depending on the assessments of the child and the required help. The associated fees are not included in the annual tuition fees. 

Additional support programs such as the Intensive English Program (IEP) and Learning Support (LS) are not included in the annual tuition fees.  Enrollment in MSB's additional support programs is based on the student's assessments and is mandatory for the student to successfully meet the demands of the curriculum.  MSB reserves the right to withdraw a student if parents refuse the recommended additional support. 

额外的学习辅导费用,如英语基础强化班(IEP)及特殊学习辅导(LS)的费用不包含在学费当中。学校根据学生的测试成绩评估决定该生是否需要参加额外辅导课程,如需要则必须参加,这样做的目的是使孩子能够达到学习课程所需具备的水平。 如学生家长拒绝学生参加这些额外的辅导课程,MSB保留要求该学生退学的权利。 

Intensive English Program (IEP) 英语强化课程 (IEP)

English skills may require daily support in order to build the language skills they need to function in their classroom and communicate with their peers. These students will be required to enroll into the Intensive English Program (IEP).

The IEP Program is provided at an additional fee of 20000 RMB.

MSB reserves the right to withdraw a student if parents refuse the recommended additional support.





Learning Support (LS) 特殊学习辅导(LS)

In the event that the school deems a child in need of additional assistance, MSB will work with the parents to provide the best care and support for their child. Additional needs include, but are not limited to: regular learning support, speech therapy, psycho-educational evaluation, a full-time shadow, etc.

During the admission process, students with learning difficulties are evaluated on an individual basis to determine if the school can provide for their needs.  MSB requires applicants with previously identified learning needs to provide past school records, full evaluations and complete and accurate information of all multi-disciplinary services in use.

For those students who are admitted with learning support needs, a fee will be levied to cover all additional manpower costs.  Should the parents of a child in need of any additional assistance refuse to agree to MSB’s plan for support, the school reserves the right to withdraw the child from school. 




Athletics 体育活动

Students participating in sporting events representing MSB may be required to contribute to transportation and tournament participation fees.