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The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB) will be reopening its beautiful campus in June after being closed nearly four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the reopening government requirements, we will be implementing stricter new safety and health protocols to ensure that we maintain a safe learning environment for our children. Listed below are a shorter version of our protocols. Currently enrolled parents, please check your emails to access the longer version of the protocol document. 

Health status of students attending school

Students must present their 14-day quarantine record to the school on the first day.  

Nucleic acid test:  

  • Must take the test if you have came back returned to Beijing on May 10 and or May 18, should the student be starting school on June 1 and June 8 respectively.
  • A student who has not left Beijing, or leave left and came back before May 10 and May 18, can sign the letter of commitment. However, there are four requirements that the child must fulfil. If one of the requirements in the letter is not met, then a test result will be required.   
  • If you child is unwell for any reason they MUST NOT come to school. If your child has a temperature of over 37.3°C they SHOULD NOT be brought to school. Please keep them at home for observation or see a doctor. The school nurse will follow up.  
  • Please monitor your child’s temperature every morning, fill in the form and present the form to the school at the temperature check point 1.  

What happens if a student is unwell during the day? 

  • Should a student register a temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius, or display any symptoms of illness, all other students in the classroom will be escorted to a secondary “clean classroom”.  
  • Students displaying an elevated temperature, or any other symptom of illness, will be escorted by the nurse in full protective gear to the isolation room.    
  • At this time, the nurse will check the student’s temperature, collect student information, and contact the student’s guardian.  
  • The nurse will inform the guardian and share any necessary information needed, while also instructing them to collect the student from campus.     
  • The nurse will keep contact with the family for follow-up procedures.   
    • At this point, the student will not be allowed on campus until:  
      • The student is evaluated by a doctor and tests negative for the COVID virus.  
      • The student is free of all illness symptoms for at least 48 hours without any medication.  
      • If it is concluded that the student was contagious, a doctor’s certificate is required before returning to campus. 

Campus Access 

All access to the campus will be through the Main Gate on Jingmi Lu at this time.  Should this change in the future, we will notify you of these changes. If you are walking, biking or getting dropped off, this is the main point of entry to the school. No parents will be allowed on campus, all children are to be dropped off at the designated drop off point. Teaching assistants will escort younger children to class from the drop off/pick up point.   

Dropping-Off and Picking-Up students from the Main Gate  

  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED to enter the school campus and must drop-off their child and pick them up at the Main Gate. 
  • Teacher Assistants will be at the Main Gate to help take younger students to class. 
  • Parents are kindly asked to move away from temperature check tent 1 once they have dropped-off or picked-up their child(ren) to avoid overcrowding.
  • Staggered dismissal will be practiced for added safety.   
    • Grade 4 dismissal time:  3:00pm 
    • Grade 5 dismissal time:  3:15pm 
    • Grade 6 dismissal time:  3:30pm 

Temperature Checks  

All students and staff will get their temperatures checked at point 1. If the temperature registered is above 37.3 degrees Celsius this person will be taken to the second tent for a follow up. If it’s still elevated then this person will be asked to go home and see a doctor.  

Temperature checks during the day in class: 

  • Teaching assistant or admin staff takes temperature before student enters the classroom at the beginning of the school day. 
  • Teaching assistant takes temperature of each student by 11:00 am. Which is given to the nurse and then forwarded to the education bureau.  

Temperature checks at home:  

Each student must report their temperature to the school using the daily temperature form every morning. This form should be delivered to the school at the first temperature check point 1 at the gate before entering the campus. No student will be allowed on campus without the form.    

The collection of the home temperature will continue until the government lifts this requirement.    

Face Masks  

All students and staff MUST wear a face mask when they enter and while on campus even during playground time. Each child should carry two additional face masks to school . If a child forgets to carry the additional masks, the teacher and school needs to be notified immediately. All students are not allowed to wear N95 masks to school as per government regulations. All used masks are to be thrown in the special “mask only” trash bin.  

Social Distancing  

All students and staff are required to keep a 1-meter distance at all times in class, during break, in common areas and on the playground. Contact sports such as basketball and football will not be allowed.  

Marked Path and Entry/Exit

All students and staff have to walk along the marked path around campus. Use using the arrows, and  markings showing which way to go. Use the labeled entry and exit doors for getting in and leaving certain areas.  


Students will maintain social distancing rules of being 1-meter apart. Specific seating areas have been marked around the classroom. A 1-meter distance between the teacher and student has to be observed every at all times.  

Lunch and Commons Areas Useage  

Students will enter the dining room using specified entry and exit only doors, and sit to eat at “Please seat here” assigned chairs and tables. These have been clearly marked to ensure the social distance protocols are met.  


Hands must be washed in the following situations: after coughing or sneezing; before and after eating; before and after drinking, after break; after using the toilet; when hands are dirty; after sports; after physical contact with others; after coming back in from outside the classroom; before and after sharing of items such as Montessori materials . 

Disinfection of common areas of the on school campus 

The main common areas of the school including the school corridor, staircase handrails, conference rooms , toilets and other public areas parts will be disinfected numerous times during the day. 

Disinfection of classrooms, including specialist classrooms 

A disinfection schedule is in place for all classrooms and specialist classrooms including using ultra violet light. Common materials will be cleaned in special classroom zones in the class.