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SEP: Illustration Design & Digital Citizenship
10 Jul
  • SEP: Illustration Design & Digital Citizenship

Elementary and Middle School students learned some digital knacks at the Summer Enrichment Program this week.

Our engaging and wholesome summer program kicked off on Monday, July 6 and is available for students from Toddler to Middle School, which focusses on Chinese, English, Math, specialty classes such as Science, Art, Music, PE and workshops. It’s a fun and exciting space for our students to reinforce what they learned throughout the year. 

As part of the new schedule, students were able to learn about Internet etiquette and how to be responsible digital users.

On Thursday, Library Manager Jason gave a lesson to lower elementary students on how to deal with uncomfortable feelings when they come across something that is not intended for them on the Internet.  

Jason begins with the question “How does technology make me feel?” and he demonstrated to students that “it is always important to listen to your feeling when using digital products”.

Students were inspired to find the solutions when something scary pops out on the screen or when they search information but end up on a site for grown-ups. “Pause, Think and Ask is the strategy to get out of the discomfort. Always talk to your parents or trusted adults when you don’t feel well,” Jason summarized.

Meanwhile, the upper elementary and middle school students tried their hands at Illustration Design with EAL teacher Jade, who also specializes in anime styled artwork and character design.

Jade showed step-by-step how she works on a character design and gave students suggestion on the tools for them to create digital illustration.

In the following session, students practiced sketching and how to bring their work to life.

The extensive enrichment activities are designed to not only reinforce what children have learned but also offer them the opportunities to develop skills beyond curricular learning.