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MSB’s New Trash System
01 Jun
  • MSB’s New Trash System

The International Montessori School of Beijing’s (MSB) has always implemented a garbage classification system to help our community play their part in learning about how to save the Earth. Environmental protection is one of the topics we focus in the development of global citizens at MSB. We organize an annual Earth Day Assembly for children to raise their awareness. 

Since May 1, Beijing has launched a new mandatory garbage sorting regulation to better protect our environment. In light of these new regulations, MSB has introduced its new waste management protocols. 

The newly revised household waste regulation requires people to classify household waste into four categories: kitchen waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other waste, which are disposed of in green, blue, red and gray bins respectively. Please watch the video above to see how to classify household waste.

MSB has set up garbage sorting stations with the colored bins around the campus to ensure a unified collection and transport of domestic waste. Faculty and staff members also received training to popularize the garbage sorting.

As school reopens in June, students will learn about the garbage classification system and guided by teachers when disposing of waste.

We encourage all families to take a few minutes to talk with your children about ways you can start to classify your trash at home. As per our Montessori philosophy, children learn from example therefore all adults in the household should model a habit of classification of trash to help children understand this concept better.  

The little things make a difference.