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Fare Thee Well, Friends
02 Jul
  • Fare Thee Well, Friends

You are the spring rain that nourishes the sprouts silently.

You are the flint that sparks children’s interest for knowledge.

You are the harbour where children get replenished in their journey and emerge stronger after storms. 

We take a bow to three of our loyal teaching assistants who will retire at the end of this school year after devoting decades of their career to MSB. We would like to take this opportunity to thank their hard work, commitment, and love for children. 

One of The International Montessori School of Beijing’s core strength and the heart of the school is the teaching and administration staff, who are dedicated to their passion and craft. Our long serving staff share their secrets to calming the fears of their new colleagues and children. The knowledge they possess is shared in words and deeds; they show all the latest additions at MSB how things are done. 

Each year, as we say goodbye to a handful of staff, we are saddened but happy for the time together. This year, we will be saying farewell to three special teaching assistants – Joanne, Mary and Louise. They have had a remarkable journey a testament to MSB’s culture of retaining staff for longer to provide stability and continuity. Our trio retire from their long tenure at MSB on our 30th anniversary which has come full circle. Let’s get to hear from the three lovely ladies. 


Joanne has been working at MSB for 28 years, joining in the school 2 years after itwas founded in 1990. She felt MSB is a big warm family that always brings us happiness.

“It’s the unique Montessori pedagogy and its student-centered philosophy of respect and love that drew me here,” said Joanne. 

MSB has always put the development of children first. It’s worthwhile to do everything when I see their progress and smile, she said.

In this fast-changing and challenging era, she hopes that MSB students are poised to face the unpredictable future. “Education is to help children adapt to the development of society.”

To this end, we need to cultivate children with a positive attitude of conscientiousness, confidence and gratefulness.


Louise was a local kindergarten teacher before she studied the Montessori pedagogy and settled herself at MSB in 2002. 

“I’ve grown from a Montessori novice to a veteran of Montessori philosophy and methods in these 18 years,” said Louise.

She was moved by the work ethic and professionalism of MSB teachers and staff. “We would do everything we can for the wellbeing of children.”

Louise took great pleasure in working with toddlers and her efforts sow the seeds of caring in their hearts. “They would ask about me if I’m absent for a while and remind me to be careful when moving things,” she said.

“Thank you MSB for giving me the opportunity to grow. Thank you colleagues for your help. I wish the school will get stronger and become one of the world renowned schools.


Most parents and staff are usually aware that Mary has been with MSB for 25 years! When looking at archive photos, she looks almost the same as when she joined the MSB team at the Lufthansa Center. 

Perhaps long years of working with children and a passion for dancing accounted for her age-defying secret.

Mary said she loves MSB’s working environment and there’s a free, harmonious and relaxed culture that makes you feel at home.

Her job is to guide and inspire the development of the toddlers every day, tending to their needs when necessary.

“Help children only when they are in need. Do not bother them when they are at work. Please listen to and tend to their needs at any moment. The greatest lessons to be learned are when it’s through self-discovery as  Dr. Montessori urges.”

Thank you for your commitment to Montessori philosophy and loyal support to MSB. We wish you all the best in your next chapter. MSB will always be your home!