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Approved! MSB to Reopen in June
29 May
  • Approved! MSB to Reopen in June

The International Montessori School of Beijing is thrilled to welcome back our elementary and middle school students to campus in June.

Following a thorough inspection of the campus Wednesday by The Chaoyang District Education Commission (CDEC); MSB’s new safety and health protocols were given the thumbs up after weeks of preparations by our teams. 

MSB has been approved for reopening campus.

Over the course of several weeks our teams have been Implementing the CDEC strict guidelines for reopening on June 1 and June 8. The new measures ensure MSB is a safe environment for our students to get back to learning. Here are some of the measures we will be implementing. 


All access to the campus will be through the Main Gate on Jingmi Lu. All students and staff will be measured their temperature before entering the campus. Students with a normal temperature reading will be allowed to enter the campus. Anyone with a temperature reading of above 37.3 degrees Celsius will be retested at a secondary check point. At this point, if it’s still elevated, parents will have to take the student home and see a doctor.

Temperature check 2

Social Distancing 

All students and staff are required to keep a 1-meter distance at all times in class, during break, in common areas and on the playground. Contact sports such as basketball and football will not be allowed. 

Marked Path and Entry/Exit 

All students and staff have to walk along the marked path around campus. Use the arrows, markings showing which way to go. Use the labeled entry and exit doors to get in and leave certain areas. 


Students will maintain social distancing rules of being 1-meter apart. Specific seating areas have been marked around the classroom. A 1-meter distance between the teacher and student has to be observed every time. Students will not be sharing stationery and each child will receive a folder with their own materials. 

Lunch and Common Areas Use 

Students will enter the dining room using specified entry and exit only doors. They are only allowed to seat at designated areas, which have the sign “please seat here” to maintain social distance guidelines.

Disinfection of common areas of the campus

The main common areas of the school including the school corridors, staircases handrails, conference rooms , toilets and other public parts will be disinfected numerous times during the day.

Disinfection of classrooms, including specialist classrooms

A disinfection schedule is in place for all classrooms and specialist classrooms including using ultra violet light. Common materials will be cleaned in special classroom zones in the class. 


All staff in and outside of China received trainings on the different protocols as well as from our medical service provider, New Century Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The virtual trainings armed staff with a wealth of information in regards to how to tackle a Covid-19 emergency and our new lesson schedules. In addition, our awesome support staff of ayis, drivers and guards received special trainings to get prepared for our new rigours routines.

Nucleic Acid Test (NAT)

On Tuesday morning, all MSB staff currently in Beijing were tested for Covid-19 to ensure that our staff is in tiptop shape to welcome back students.

We can’t wait to welcome back our middle schoolers on June 1 and grades 4 and 5 on June 8. 

Stay tuned for more information.