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Montessori Teaching Assistant

Position Description:

  • Each program at MSB provides an appropriate Montessori environment prepared for the level of the children in the class.
  • The teaching assistant’s position is one of support. You will assist the Lead teacher in helping to foster the overall development and well- being of each individual as directed by the Lead teacher.
  • The teaching assistant trained or untrained will fulfill their role in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. 
  • Each teacher is an important and valued member of the MSB community and makes a positive contribution to the character of our community, helps maintain a respectful and co-operative atmosphere, shares responsibility for the safety of its members and co-operates in the administration of MSB policies and procedures. 

Teaching Duties & Responsibilities & Classroom Management:

  • To support the delivery of the curriculum consistent with the Montessori Method and principles and appropriate to the learning objectives and guidelines set out by the Lead teacher for that particular age group and individual child.
  • To work alongside the class teacher to create an environment in which the children’s learning flourishes.
  • To be jointly responsible for the pastoral care of the children.
  • To teach individual children, or in small groups under the direction and in consultation with the lead teacher.
  • To teach Mandarin to a group of students as set out by the Mandarin Coordinators of MSB. 
  • To create concrete and supportive learning tools as required by the program so as to guarantee the highest of standards. 
  • To prepare and maintain an orderly environment in which the furnishings and materials are complete, appealing and appropriate to the needs of the group.
  • To care for and maintain the classroom, the materials and the supplies. They should be kept clean, orderly and in the best possible condition. 
  • To maintain discipline in the manner agreed upon and as set out in the staff handbook, with absolute and utter total respect for the children at all times.  
  • To attend all staff meetings  as required.
  • To attend a weekly meeting with your Lead teacher and fellow classroom colleagues.
  • To have complete knowledge of the weekly and daily lesson plans which have been created by the Lead teacher, so you are able to support the daily work of your pupils.
  • To contribute to the knowledge of the child’s development by explaining significant happenings to the Lead teacher of the children’s daily progress and activities.
  • To be in attendance at parent conferences to support the Lead teacher and participate where required, but only upon the approval of the Lead teacher.
  • To notify your appropriate and immediate supervisor of any personal or professional difficulty with children, parents, staff or the community members.
  • To attend and participate in all school wide functions, professional development workshops, Parent Orientation and Parent Education evenings.
  • To undertake other supervisory duties such as playground duty, lunch room duty, bus monitoring, and swimming pool monitoring as set out by the school.
  • To assist at all times in the safety of all MSB students and assist all MSB students in acting responsibly in the school and on the grounds. Children are NEVER to be left unattended. 


  • Excellent English communication skill
  • Montessori qualifications or related Montessori experience would be valued. Montessori training will be provided if necessary.
  • Early childhood education/teaching certification is advanced
  • BA degree with 2+ years teaching experience at least
  • Enthusiastic, outgoing nature
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Enthusiasm for new cultures and experiences
  • Flexibility

To Apply: 

Please send a cover letter and your resume to the HR Manager at hr@msb.edu.cn

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